Friday, February 09, 2007

Back on the Page

It's early morning in Fairbanks and I have just finished editing out a page of my new short story ".MEM" It's another science-fiction piece featuring the current Wired Nation team. The main character in this story is named Angela and she is the director of her district's law enforcement. She is investigating an attack on a younger colleague whom she shares the same living arrangements. More political than the previous Wired Nation pieces, but I hadn't done as much research into political conflicts back then.

Wednesday night I reviewed some of my old work. I cannot believe that I thought it was such crap. I mean there are some pretty crappy parts where I had trouble maintaining a consistent tone, but there is a lot of it that is really good. My son was cracking up when I read some of it to him. After I'm done with the Wired Nation series I am going to rescue the better parts of my old work and revise it into a new series. Not sure what I'd call it, but I'll think of something.

Some of my other art projects have been set aside so that I can write. I haven't knitted for a while and the doll I finished does not have clothes. I am still determined to get to them though I am more realistic as to the time frame of projects. I have collected a lot of 'SOMEDAY' projects besides my writing. As far as I can see I have about 3-5 years worth of creative work ahead of me. Most of it will not get done until the end of my dance season in May. At that point I will not only have three months off from a constant class schedule, but I will have a different job as I am changing employers. As I get closer I will have to review what projects I want to complete. Most of anything I do is very time intensive, so I anticipate I will only get two projects done.

Well, it is almost 7 a.m. and I have to get Ivan up and get ready for work. Have a good morning.


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