Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creative Update 3/13/07

Draft of '.Mem' complete except for three paragraphs that will be written as I prepare for my writing class. I have already started my next story, which has only the working title 'Marlane' because that is the name of the narrator. There are a few main components that may determine the title of the work. First, the science-fiction part of this story has to do with a tree disease that is ripping off the bark from Redwood and Sequoia trees. Second, she makes mentions of dahlias in both the beginning and end of the story. The other is that her fiances bluntly calls her a 'bitch,' which she accepts, but her other friends pops someone in the mouth when receiving this same insult.

This is the first story in which I bring into my love of basketball. There is an actual game, but before that there is a line spoken by Raquel Garcia, "...I hate nature. I say we take a match to the damn trees and build a basketball arena specially for the annual All-Star games."

This will someday be trivia... Raquel Garcia is an excellent 3-point shooter. She sucks at layups.

With the semi-completion of '.Mem' I am now more than a quarter done with draft 1 of my novel. In total I have drafted 4. 5 stories including the one I am working on now. I also have tucked away very, very rough drafts of the next two stories.

On a different note...

I have began sketching again. Don't get excited. They're good, but not that good.

On a different, different note...

I get to perform in Dance Theatre Fairbanks new studio on Saturday, March 24 in an afternoon and evening fundraiser for the Food Bank. I am dancing an adage and performing a tap piece to some very, very fast Little Richard song.

To sum up. I have decided to get over my three year emotional crisis that followed the failure of my business and inability to bring in a solid income from my writing. In essence I am starting over. It is painful, but necessary.

That said. I feel I must pay homage to my 2007 inspiration Leandro Barbosa:

"I've never seen anybody as fast as this kid. He's really Speedy Gonzalez out there. He's playing out of his mind right now."

-- Houston's Tracy McGrady,
commenting on

Phoenix backup point guard Leandro Barbosa. "The Brazilian Blur"
torched the Rockets, scored a career-high 32 points for the second time in three games and led his team to its fifth consecutive victory.

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