Thursday, March 22, 2007

Creative Update 3/22/07

"...blood soaked into the weave of her white and blue jersey commemorating some Dallas player named Stackhouse."


Yeah, basketball is the name of the game in my most recent story, which is still called 'Marlane.' Nothing else has quite jumped at me to make a solid title. It would have to encompass the fact that she's caught in the ego war between two people she cares about, one who represents her past, the other her future. At first these two criticize her directly hoping to win her over with their logic, but when she is unable to take sides, the two (Zeb and Raquel) battle it out on a basketball court.

The main fight is done and now all the fallout.

This is probably the least complex story I've written since the science-fiction part is merely a backdrop to the relationship problems between the characters. I can tell you that this is the first story where there is no major twist, no winners, and no losers. It's all a wash, but a very important one, as Zeb and Raquel become the crux of future stories.


I returned to dance class Monday with well rested feet and a new exuberance. I've attended several pointe classes and after watching the dancers in my age group, found that I am coming along just fine. We are performing Saturday in the afternoon and evening for a Food Bank fundraiser. I will be one of 18 in an adage and one of six in a tap piece. For the next two weeks after that I will be on hiatus taking care of regular work stuff. By late April I will be back to a regular schedule. By next year I hope to be attending class regularly.

Well, I better go. I have to finish some work before heading to my dance class.


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