Saturday, April 21, 2007

Artist Update 4-21-07

I am now half way done with Logan's story. I have a reading at the beginning of March and this weekend I need to get something edited to take to our practice session. Editing is hard when all you want to do is work on new material.

My last major event for the year is complete and so I have gone back to heavy work on my creative projects. I am just about finished with my knitting projects and will photograph them later in the week. Due to my event, I missed a week of ballet. I will finish out the final weeks fairly consistent and so I am happy. From what I understand they are not holding summer classes this year. My plan is to play soccer.

I gave my final resignation at work yesterday. I do not have a solid job lined up. I had one interview last week for an editor's position at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Though the interview went well and the editing test went well, I don't think my references will speak highly of my editing capabilities. So I am already accepting that I will not get a job offer from them. So I have set my sights on a state job with the Department of Environoment Conservation as a Publication Specialist III. I am competing with people from both Fairbanks and Anchorage. This means that we are going through first round interviews next week.

Last, I have been invited to participate in an art exhibit on artists who use their artwork for healing. The show is part of a workshop that is coming later this year. I have to find out details so that I can prepare the two works selected by the organizer. I am happy. Hopefully I will find time to work on some visual pieces this year. I am not pushing it though. I have already given myself a large chunk of stuff to work on.

On a different note... Ivan went to academic pentathlon this week. I just got the news this morning that his school took second overall. Ivan was one of the two finalist from his school in the speech competition. No word on if he earned a medal. They should be back in Fairbanks this afternoon so I will find out more then.

I am going to scoot. It is a nice day outside and I think I may finish up the dishes and some laundry before working on the yard.

Peace... K-Vap

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