Monday, May 21, 2007

Artist Update for 5/21/07

With the sun setting on my playoff hopes and dreams, I am now hitting work much harder than before.

I completed 'Rebbeca 2.1' with the exception of the final sentence that needs a little more fleshing out. I will do a final read with Ivan tomorrow and begin submitting it by Wednesday.

With the dance season complete and my new work editing curriculum at UAF an 8-5 position, I have increased my writing hours. I never realized how hard a writer worked to create a piece of work, but after working on 'Rebbeca 2.1' and am preparing myself for some intense days. After I have submitted 'Rebbeca 2.1,' I will continue revising 'Los Traidores.'

Other than that, I am trying to keep in shape for the 2007-2008 dance season. I have been riding my bike just about everywhere, though I will have to drive tomorrow since I have to do a brief presentation at Chamber. Last year I gained 10 pounds in the off season. It made it really hard to come back, especially after committing to a harder schedule. I do not want to feel that way again.

Other than that I am trying to wrap things up at my old job. I will keep everyone updated as I finish work.


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