Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Wow! This flu just kicked my ass last weekend. I left the house for like all of two hours and that was it!

Well, the big news. I accepted a new position with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I will be editing their sports fishing documents prior to layout. That means I will be leaving the Geophysical Institute on August 20th. I really liked working there. It was fun; like being 16 and having a summer job only with better pay and fewer pimples.

Ivan is getting his cast off in two weeks, just before school starts and he will end up missing half the football season on the injured list. I really doubt he cares, which I guess doesn't make me care too much either. Personally I'd be bummed if I was playing a sport and had to miss out because of injury. Like last week when I couldn't play soccer because I was sick. Ugh.

I found out that dance registration is August 21 or something like that (the calendar keeps track). I have already set a preliminary schedule and identified which days I intend to take off as rest days. Once I am in dance class, I won't have a hell of a lot of time for writing because there are other things that have to get done like laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping. At some point in my life I will just have to sacrifice something, so that I can get good and something else. I guess this is where I start.

Honestly, it takes me forever to finish an entry. I've been flaking out at every turn, spending nearly every night reading or playing with Guitar Band. I'm volunteering this afternoon at FAA's Bear Gallery as a docent, though I came by last night to help out with First Friday. Soon I won't be able to volunteer like I used to, so I'm wrapping up those last minute commitments. For now though I am taking advantage of the fact that I have five hours (three hours remaining at the time of this post) to work uninterrupted on my writing, research, and blog. I finished the final Harry Potter book. I'm almost done reading the 48 Laws of Power, which has inspired some really good writing ideas and then I shall pick up a book of short stories my friend Amy lent me. Even with my reduced schedule, I feel I have plenty to keep me entertained for many years to come :)

Well, I better go. There is not too much else to update in life.

Talk soon... K-Vap

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