Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dancer's High

Good morning. It's 3:30 a.m. and I am fairly wide awake after only four hours of sleep. My body is revved up on endorphins after dreaming about ballet. Somehow work became involved in my dream because I have started designing how my new office will look. It mixes my love of watching NBA games with ballet, which ironically, I have the perfect picture to tie this two loves together:

Not that I'm a big Laker's fan (um... from the colors of the site and the Leandro Barbosa stat below, it could be that Phoenix is my favorite team?). I took this picture two years ago when the Lakers were dominating everything. I plan to put this pair of pointe shoes in my office beside an enlarged version of this picture and a smaller picture of a red pointe shoe.

We are in week three of our dance season. I am taking classes 6 days a week from the time I get out of work until 8:30 or 9 at night. I am taking 3 ballet classes, one hip hop class, one pilates class, and two separate pointe classes (one of my ballet classes is done on pointe or else I take the lower level ballet class on pointe). Yesterday I had one of my best pointe classes ever. I have never had really strong ankles and great pointed feet, and my confidence on them is not as much as the other younger students, so yesterday was the first time that I successfully stayed over the boxes through most of the barre adage and most of the center work. The big one for me is when we had to go across the floor and with the exception of one small misstep, I managed to stay up on pointe all the way forward and all the way back. This is a big deal for me.

And so it is hard for me to relax totally on nights following great classes like these. I don't have any other dancing friends who share the same appreciation for the work that goes into something like this. Phil is recovering from surgery in Seattle, so when I did finally get home to talk with him on the phone, he sounded very out of it and very much in pain. Ivan is a 12 year old boy, so to him every person should be able to keep on their toes. His football team is in playoff season right now and I swear since I've gone back to dance, he has done better playing. Despite what he thinks, I think it has been good for him to see (or at least hear about) the achievement someone can make (athletically) if they just dedicate their full effort to it. Otherwise, his biggest beef with my dance schedule is that there is no one else in the family who can cook gourmet meals.

Well, I'm getting tired now. I have one hour before I have to officially get up. Love always and I will try to write more. I should have more exciting things as the dance season progresses.


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