Thursday, October 04, 2007

Feet, Legs, and JScript

It's evening. 8:30 and I just got back from Ballet IV. My toes are throbbing from wearing pointe shoes for two hours. I have switched to an older pair of shoes because I think they will help shape that arch that I've had trouble with. The shoes I had been wearing were good because the built up the strength in my foot and the flexibility in part of my foot and ankle. However, now I need greater flexibility and strength in the outer part of my foot. Plies (plee-ays) and these other shoes should help greatly.

We rehearsed this role that I tried out for and didn't get. I remember during auditions I was all confused as to what she had demonstrated, and while I still needed help with the beginning and certain sections, I pretty much understood a lot of the turning bits because we had done so much of that in the upper level ballet classes. I think attending class 6 days a week really does do a lot in get the brain and body work together. After 6 weeks. I am stunned at how far I personally feel I've advanced.

Dance Theatre Fairbanks hopes to perform in Los Angeles in 2009. We started rehearsing a pointe piece, which is not difficult yet, but will be if I don't get even stronger in my shoes. I have a year. I hope to get pretty close my January or February.

Other than that things are going pretty good. Tomorrow is the CWG submission deadline. I only have some edits to do before going to print. I should be able to turn something in by Saturday. It's tough to take care of everything on my limited schedule. I just have to remember to breathe often and take care to not to have many panic attacks.

In the past few weeks, I did manage to finish a piece of visual art:
Oddly enough, I also found this picture of myself:

Guess that's what happens when you sit at my husband's computer once in a while.

I've also been working on a javascript refresher and managed to massage a script for random text for an upcoming web site I'm working on. Today I was moving all the text into tables and building onmouseover events that let visitors know that the other pages are 'under construction' before they click on the link. It's cool.

Well, I'm heading on. I'm going to get ready for bed and hopefully be able to get up on time for work tonight.

Love... RK

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