Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back in the Theatre, Not on the Yellow Brick Road

It's Thursday. The BIG Sir Elton John night in Fairbanks, AK. I'm not going through because I'm back in the theatre for a dress rehearsal and my director made it clear that anyone gone tonight is gone from the show! Blah!

Phil is taking Ivan and I am just going to have to go to London to see Sir EJ or maybe I'll just save my money and see the Inside the NBA EJ on some rare basketball-related moment . Or maybe I'll just save money. The tickets for Sir EJ were somewhere close to $100 each. My Matchbox 20 concert was nowhere near that, of course, Rob Thomas is a bigger man on campus and so they may be that now.

With so much time and mental energy going into the show this weekend, I find I have a lack of interest in anything else. Earlier this week I worked on web pages for Monroe's football team and for AK music, but there are a lot of detail formatting things that are taking more time than I anticipated. After the show I really need to settle into some Barnes and Noble chair beside the fireplace and go for it! Still I can foresee at least a month of work ahead of me.

I loaded up Office Live yesterday and started organizing my thoughts. I've tried many times to judge just how many projects I've dedicated myself too, but never have successfully managed. With Office Live it is all there before me like one giant online bulletin board. I am so right when I have to hold myself back from saying 'yes' to anything more. There is way too much for one person without an assistant to handle. Ivan needs to turn 15 so he can get a driver's license and I can hire him. Well, I guess I would need to bring in the income to pay him, but given that he has two more years before he can drive, then I have two more years to figure out how to pay him.

Today I found a really cool writing site called Men with Pens. If you are looking for information about writing in general or writing for the web or blogging or anything like that, then this is your site! Check it out!

Well, my lack of inspiration has left me with little to say. For those who hear me go on and on daily, revel in my quietness because it won't last for long. After this weekend my mouth will be back in high gear and my writing mind back on the page. Ivan will have told me all about Sir EJ and I'm sure something about the Yellow Brick Road will come this way.

Love you all... Peace... RK

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