Thursday, May 01, 2008

Completion of Rambling Story

It's a short stoy. I think it's a short story. I know it's rambling and that the character's name is Emily Catava McKnight. Regardless I finished The Quaterlife Crisis of Emily Catava McKnight : Theories on Darkness at 10, 25, and Some Undisclosed Age Before Death. This short story (or short rambling) was one of the first projects undertaken after 'The Artist's Way' and its pt 2 'Vein of Gold.' It's a sign that I am surfacing from loads of work. There are details and I know it is all in the details. Right now I am trying to get the clay into some usable shape (metaphorically speaking) before I even worry about glazing and painting. I have not worked so hard on a project as I have on the trastudio pages and I have not followed through as much as I have on the Monroe Football Team pages. There is still more work to do and another website project in which to help; however, dance season will end and I will be back to dancing only three times a week. This should give me more time to complete these projects take a short break, reevaluate my goals, and move on.

One of the things I know for sure is that I want to update my own web site. This year I started and I want it to be my practice place for cool things. I also want to pull together a place where people can find my many postings. Sometimes they are here, sometimes they are on Myspace, sometimes they are wherever. Instead of making people chase me around the internet, I'll give them one place to locate me. Believe me I have a lot to say.

As for life over the past few days:

  1. The Suns are out of the NBA playoffs :(
  2. Dallas is out of the NBA playoffs AND Avery Johnson is no longer coaching them :( :(
  3. The Spurs are continuing to the NEXT round of the NBA playoffs :( :( :(
Yes. I have a one track mind.

Love and Kisses... Write more later... RK

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