Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Day Mr. Polar Bear ,Want a Pizza Pocket?

So it's official: Polar Bears are on the "threatened" Endangered List...ugh?

Seems to me like another example of America dabbling in political correctness or "Wishy-Washy Charlie Brown Syndrome" as I like to call it. I can't make Person 'A' happy, if Person 'B' gets mad; therefore, I have to do something to make them both like me!!! Oh, how I long for the days of Ricky Nelson's Garden Party:

You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.

Of course even people can twist that line around like an old English fanatic with gospel in hand.

Okay, okay, I give though because I'm as bad as anyone else. Do you think I thought twice before sucking down my multi-calorie, politically incorrect pizza pocket? Nope. Well, I guess I did tell someone they were really "garbage," but I'd eaten one every day this week because there was nothing else in the house. Oh, well. I just close my eyes and repeat the verse above.

Life is life. I have had anxiety attacks everyday this week and probably more pessimistic, or sarcastic, or something than usual. Okay, well not compared to pre-new Rachael pessimism or sarcasm. Once a man told me that is what made me so attractive. Yet, I'm a bit out of my element or nature today. It's the last few days of school and all the kids are breaking down from all the stress of finals and getting wild while I'm dreaming about sitting in a French final with some evil German substitute who just docked me 130 points because Brian wouldn't stop talking to me during class. Jesus...

Uh? Was this a website about the arts. Oh yeah, I guess you might have come to read about that, but it's all part and parcel to the artist's life, isn't it? Someday you might read a story and find out that supervisor's are mocking each other over a proposed 'Bridge to Nowhere' or whether or not we make polar bears 'threatened' on the endangered species list. I'm in a poetry class right now, so it might just show up there too!

Ha! Well, I'm off to go kill of some trees and horses in my paper-mache pointe shoes. Like the girl who got on my for my leather shoes: "I'll worry about it when cows end up "threatened" on the Endangered Species list."

Have fun... RK

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