Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Days until Performance; Rolling, Rolling on the Internet

It's Tuesday. Class Day. One day until my mother visits. Three days until my family leaves for Montana. Four days until I perform at Solstice (5 & 7 pm downtown if you're up to it). I'm calm and I think it is the calm before the storm. Last night I finished updates on the Monroe Rams website and finished work on Tra Studios website. I'm having layout block with the Alaska Music site, but I think it is because I inherited the site versus starting from scratch, which means I have to understand the layout and coding decisions and think using someone else's mindset instead of my own. I think once I overcome that, then the rest will flow a little easier.

I continue work on my novel, which requires some more research into guilds and capitalism. I have found good works written on the topics and will probably read them during my trip to Montana. Until then I will write a rough draft of the story I have in mind. Phil and I set up our cell phones to accept internet, so that we could hook them to our laptops and get service while in Libby. I'm only gone for a week and back for a week before I go to dance camp at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. This will be a two-week intensive that focuses on just about every dance form except hip-hop. It's my first year attending, but I have heard great things from fellow company members who went last year.

All in all it is a busy summer, but not crazy busy. I hope by fall that I will further focus my schedule to finish my novel and prepare for Dance Excellence. I anticipate a few more freelance projects in the future.

Write more later! Peace... RK

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