Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Thursday. My brain is overflooded and the research is on. Every other chapter in my novel required great research and so I will be in full mental mode. Thank God it will be my vacation next week because I have enough reading to cover it all. I don't leave for another week, but I perform this weekend and will not have a lot of time to read. I also have my mother visiting me. I think I'm supposed to be remodeling the bathroom? I don't think I ever really sit and read the way I used to, which is probably a hindrance to my trade. I mean I read lots of reports, articles, and submissions, but to sit and read a novel, or selections of literary criticism, or a selection of poems; that does not happen too often. When my brain gets tired, as it has the past week and a half, all I want to do is draw. I started drawing my cell phone during lunch and you can see I was working on painting in a hand drawn flower. It is tough when my mind is on overdrive. I think I just need a vacation.

Back to the research ahead... I would expect long blogs about guild socialism, communism, and capitalism. Though my science fiction world does encompass guilds and capitalism (they are in fact the opposing governments) somewhere they come together to form something else. Perhaps a dictatorship, perhaps true socialism, perhpas something else. Yes, I know that most people have their research under their belt before they write, but up until recently I have been a very lazy artist that just hoped the answer would come to me. Now I know that there is so much blood, sweat, and tears that goes into artwork that it is a miracle that I accomplish anything. I've also come about a new philosophy that sums up what I am trying to accomplish in my career. Someone said in a song, or in an interview, or somewhere in my presence, "I don't want to be successful, I just want to be heard." That phrase right there is on point.

Well, I'm off. I have an hour left before I gather my stuff and head to class. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Man that would be nice.

Write more later... RK

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