Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Post Thumbelina and Back Online

Totally unrelated discovery: Brillo pads do a hell of a job cleaning the bathroom floor.

It's Wednesday. We are 3 days post-Thumbelina and my head is finally leaving the station and heading to a new destination. The show went great and it was a personal performing best for me. We all did really, really well. I head back into the studio Friday to prepare for the Solstice Performance in downtown Fairbanks. I've been working on some chronic posture problems that have bugged me for years and put my pointe shoes on everyday so that I don't forget what they feel like. But until class resumes on Tuesday I will probably do very little dancing.

Tomorrow we host a dinner for six as part of Fairbanks Arts Association's Dinner in the Home's fundraiser. Basically, we open our home, cook a meal for four or more visitors that come up on a tour, feed and entertain them. Fairbanks Arts Association received a $25/person contribution. Anyone in the Fairbanks area who is interested in hosting a meal should contact Rosalie at 456-6485 ext. 224. As an artist I encourage everyone to support the arts and even though I don't work at Fairbanks Arts Association anymore, I make an effort to volunteer often.

As for writing, I have done a few writing prompts to bring my mind into focus. I anticipate time this weekend to finish up Rory's chapter and prep it for submission. I also hope to complete the edit on "Alaskans for Albedo" and get it ready for submission as well. I really like that story and totally related to it when my car failed its emissions test the other day.

Well, I'll update everyone in the coming days. I've been finding tons of inspirational topics in the news as several lobbyist are pushing for biogenetic food as a way to feed more people in the face of global warming. Private industries are sending their science projects to the International Space Station (the search for the cure of sallomenila poisoning). Hmmm...

Peace... RK

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