Monday, June 09, 2008

Rory-Boy is in Bed

I will tell you, I wish I could be in bed too.

By Saturday night I finished editing the Rory novella that belongs to A History of a Wired Nation. I am onto finishing the transcription of the next story. Jacob gets to tell his role in this whole sordid affair. Of course, much of this week will be dedicated to web work and finishing up a few projects. I think it has taken all of last week to move on from the show and back into regular dance class, which begins Tuesday.

I hate to say my posts for the next few days will be average, but the regular days that go into the grand accomplishments are often boring an uneventful:

Yup. I loaded up Dreamweaver and cut and past the format into a template.

Sat with my story and marked it up with a red pen. It made me cry. Now I know how Jim feels.

Went to class. Got yelled at because I can't remember all the steps to an allegro.

Blogged. Felt like having a beer.

I swear that is what everyday would read like if I wrote that often. This weekend I had it on my list to update my blog, and several times I loaded up myspace and typed out a sentence or two. They usually read like the ones above. Then I thought... Well, who cares... or my mind would wander to the work at hand and the blog post would never get finished until bedtime. And so today I thought... Well Rory's novella is finished and that is worth writing home about. And so to celebrate I wrote here.

And now I'm off. I will clean up the neglected areas of my house before I do all the daily things listed above. I'll write more when the next real goal is accomplished.

Love always,


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