Friday, June 27, 2008

Went on Vacation at 5:30 a.m.- Sort of

Yeah, it's like the last day of school. Your brain headed on vacation the night before. You're wondering why you're there staring at the clock and drooling at your reservations. You're stressing because the house is a mess, you aren't packed, and you have rehearsals. Okay, so most of you don't have rehearsals on the same day you fly out, but I have rehearsals on the same day I fly out!

This day has been a wash. I did managed to get all my work-related-work worked out, but anything artistic is sitting in a "on the plane, when I have my brain" pile. I tried to work on a poem until I nearly gouged my eyes out with red ink. There just isn't hope for me some days. It's been too long since I've gotten away. It's been too long since there wasn't some kind of deadline just looming overhead. Yeah, I still have stuff to do. But do you know that I actually had breathing room to update While I am gone I hope to build the last page to that site, which is really four pages in one page that will include a home for the Community Writer's Group, my photographs, and my other "various" projects such as knitting, visual arts, and videos. I'm debating whether I should take a knitting project with me for the long overlays in the airport. I would have to haul that and my laptop, which might be a bit much. Of course, I might regret it later? I can only stare at a computer screen so long and I can get lost in knitting for hours. I'm not exactly sure what I would knit since I already have a vast collection of hats, scarves, gloves, and wraps. I could make another backpack or maybe I can just make some beanbags and use them to throw at the kids when they misbehave. I once told them I was going to knit their initials into each bag so they would know I meant to hit them.

Brainless. My clothes are in the washing machine. I can probably put them in the dryer before I head to rehearsals. We are getting ready for the long 3 mile march/dance for the Golden Days Parade on July 19th. I will miss one rehearsal while I'm away in Montana, and given that it falls on the Fourth of July, I cannot believe that there would be rehearsals anyway. Of course, Mr. Scott held Kung Fu class on Christmas Eve once and four of us were crazy enough to go. Maybe I just have no life.

Alright. I'm off. I'll update while I'm in Montana. I'm not really a woodland fairy, fishing/boating, become one with nature girl. I'm a city girl. Give me a coffee shop, a good latte, a computer, a book, and a bunch of people talking all around me and I'm doing just fine.

Write more later!


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