Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And End to an Era?

It's official. Our director is no longer with our dance company. It has been a hard and brutal day as students are upset and defensive and quitting left and right. There is a lot of confusion and hurt feelings. There are a lot of people who worry about offending the wrong people. Today is a difficult day to be a dancer in Fairbanks.
I'm in Montana right now and the news that came through my email this morning, hit me like a brick. I was in shock. The first thing I did was hit myspace to find out from our inner circle what was going on. I have heard various stories and nothing may quench the ultimate question: "What happened?"
At times like these I can only reply, a lot of things happened. A lot of words were misspoken and a lot of thoughts misunderstood. There were action and reaction, cause and effect. I still believe that people don't emotionally mature past the age of 14; therefore a lot of 14 year-olds played court and it turned into the French Revolution. Eventually the Queen ended up in the bastille with her children. The guiltone fell today. The queen is dead. Long live the queen. (Props to Reco Aric for the metaphor).
People want to drag me into politics, but I am a communicator and a mediator, not a politician. Can I see both side to this equation-yes. Can I see a solution- not without a lot of work. People would have to change. Ideals would have to change. There would have to be a lot of long hard discussion. Franklin Covey and Einstein have a similar quote: "You cannot talk your way out of something you behaved you way into."
The worse thing people can do is forget that "we" (as in not the board, the director, or the ED) are dancers. Yes, I know that we need to show support for our director. She has done so much and taught us great things, but in the end it is the system and philsophies that need to change. That is a process that takes great maturities on all parts and needs to include everyone. I do not have the faith that our company has reached that point in its evolution.
Love you all. I will keep you abreast. I am still in Montana through Saturday when I head back to Seattle and then home. I will be back for a week before I head to summer dance camp. Hopefully a lot of this mess will be sorted through by then.
Write more later... Peace. RK

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Anonymous said...

Wow Rachael,that is alot of information to process-especially when you are trying to get in some down time with friends and family.

Hope the rest of your vacation doesn't get hi-jacked by fbnks dramas. Hugs all around and an extra for BKS. Look forward to seeing you all when you are home.