Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dance Camp: Week 1 Finis/Too Short Weekend

Week 1 Revisited

It's Saturday. The first week of dance camp is finished. I have learned SO much there! The problems with my posture and balance has seen a complete turnaround. The teachers there really know how to make all that stuff make sense. I'm still not totally strong enough to take on the world, but I have learned just how much stronger I need to be and how much stronger I can become. It's been great! I totally have a new perspective on modern dance and a great respect for how much work goes into jazz pieces. I really need to do more than ballet and hip hop.

At first I was bummed because I ended up in Ballet I and Modern I (though I did get planced in Jazz II, but moved down to Jazz I to fit my schedule). In my mind I am so much more advanced. I knew I had balance and posture problems, but I never imagined how obvious or destructive they were. I was bummed and upset for a couple of days and maybe even pouty during the first class, especially after I learned that Kelsey got to move up to Ballet II. Dahsn moved herself without the teacher's permission, but I stayed and now I am glad I did. I have gained so much from my instructor's corrections. Plus I have watched some of the more advance classes and seen just how much others could benefit from the same instruction.

Earlier this year I wanted to go the L.A. to get inspiration to dance, but I have found a lot of that in the Summer Arts Festival. Perhaps just as important I have learned that I have discovered that I have financial limits and I can no longer pout my way to success. It is not my goal to attend every dance camp and put a huge financial and emotional strain on my family. I have great opportunities here, which is more than I had elsewhere.

The Weekend

I'm pretty tired though. I've basically been wandering wherever the wind blows me today. We didn't march in the parade as we originally planned, so I went to Thalia's bat mitzva with Ivan and then grill shopping with Phil. I hung out here for a while after Ivan came home from research camp, but I'm not sure what I did. I think I watched TV, ate Captain Crap, and drank coffee. It was my first cup all day.

We're watching Avatar and after all these years I will FINALLY get to see how this all ends and then it will probably leave Nickelodeon and move to Boomerang and I'll catch up on ALL those episodes I didn't get to watch.

Well, I don't have much to write about. I'm not quite in a writing mode yet. I will once I return to my normal summer dance schedule. Write more later.


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