Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Day with SAM and Pikes

The entire family is back! Vacations are over... well mine starts back up Friday after 4:30 pm. I'm staying here in Fairbanks to attend the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, a must for artistic refreshment.

I dabbled in a bit of artistic refreshment on Saturday during my 15 hour stay in Seattle. Of course, I breakfasted at a coffee shop just above Pike's Market (not Starbucks, please let us not get cliche). Then I went down and walked around a bit, almost fell asleep on the lower level in a God awful, uncomfortable chair. At ten, I went up to the Seattle Art Museum to tour the contemporary and historical pieces, but primarily to see their touring exhibit of Impressionists. It was great to be able to see works of Claude Monet and Eduard Manet and Mary Casset for myself. Degas is, of course, my favorite. I'm not so much into the flower/fruit arrangement pieces, but I adore still life paintings with people in it. My brain was on overload when I left at two and headed to Lowell's for lunch. It was what I needed though. Now that I'm back in Fairbanks, I completed my pencil sketch of Rebbeca and got a great start on the pencil sketch of Angela. I have chosen an image to serve as the base for my pencil sketch of Seann and I am almost done with the character sketch of him as well.

//**Normally I would go to dance class tonight, but I have a parade safety meeting. I volunteered once upon a time to attend. I will go to class on Thursday and Kadey just let us know that Miss Krista will make a guest appearance to teach company on Friday. Sunday is our placement auditions for summer arts festival.**//

So what is it about Seattle that refreshes my soul. Part of it is the cultural diversity, part of it is the ocean, a lot of it is the city, but also that they have retained a lot of their natural environment. People in Seattle care about Seattle, and even though I run into a bunch of stuck up snits a block or two above Pike's Market, Seattle-ites care about each other. They also drive like human beings.

I don't carry this same feeling about the surrounding areas. Tacoma is really more of an industrial inland and I think of shopping complexes and businesses by vast two to four lane roadways. Seattle has small tight streets that remind me of Italy and hills that roll more than San Francisco, which by the way is my next favorite place and I've only been there once.

Whenever someone says Seattle, I say, "Let's go!" For now I'm refreshed for the year and will look forward to going again.

Write more later... Peace... RK

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