Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exhaustion and Preparation/ Sherlock and Watson

Exhaustion and Preparation

I'm up for the first time since 5:30, when Ivan left for football. I laid down to read The Return of Sherlock Holmes, but fell asleep after two minute. I didn't get back up until 9:00 when I took a bath and read a few stories. I am not feeling so good. I ache from days of hard workouts and tough sleep. We've learned almost all of the choreography for our show on Saturday. I think we have to show up on Saturday morning for a run through at perform at 3:30. Friday night I'm having coffee with Thalia. I will probably sleep half of Sunday.

I've done really well remembering my choreography and it gives me hope that I've gotten over my mental block that usually prevents me from remembering these things. My jazz piece is choreographed to a mix of "The Pink Panther/Mission Impossible/and James Bond." The Modern piece is choreographed to a waltz that sound French possibly? And our ballet is choreographed to a mix of old-style jazz and traditional ballet. We are performing at the Salisbury Theatre, my first time in that theatre.

Sherlock and Watson

I've taken a lot of Ibueprophen and the bath helped. I relaxed and read a couple Sherlock Holmes stories. I really have gotten totally hooked on these rather basic mysteries, probably because they are like Law and Order, mostly drama and thin on plot. I'm convince Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a romantic at heart because most of the problems were created by some gipped lover. Everyone once in a while you get one that really makes you think.

Well, I'm off. We're watching Soylent Green, but since I already knows how it ends, I think I'll go to be. Write more when I'm feeling better. Most likely after the performance.

Peace... RK

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