Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Back...New and Improved... Better than Ever

Would you like your Out-of-Office notice turned off?

It's Monday and I'm back in the saddle. This weekend flew by as we had a fabulous and exhausting performance on Saturday and I went out with friends that night. Sunday was a long lounge around in the morning and restocking the house and laundry in the evening. I did a quick review of life and got some sleep.

There is much to do. Though dance camp is done, rehearsal's continue as we prepare in case we perform at the fair in August. This means a Monday rehearsal and the traditional Friday company rehearsals. Regular ballet class is on Tuesday and Thursday and I am anxious to apply all I have learned to my regular class work. In between Jamie Smith sent out an announcement about a few lectures he is giving about cartooning, plus a drawing session on Sunday at Gulliver's Books. In between I am working on a new character sketch for Zeb Love and transcribing more notebooks. Whew! Some days it feels as if the work is never done. That's what I get for having a long list of things I wish to accomplish in my life.

My Shiny New Life

While I learned a lot about dance at dance camp, I want to share the more important thing I learned at camp: It's never too late. For many years I have danced, or written, or drawn with this heavy feeling that it is too late to achieve any meaningful accomplishments in these art forms, but while at camp I met so many encouraging people who showed me otherwise. The primary influence was Lilian Manansala our Jazz instructor. She had us working in journals listing our everyday successes and gratitudes and goals for the next ten years. She was positive and encouraged us to be positive. The modern teacher Krenly Guzman was amazing! And the fact that he boldly put forward choreograph about how people misuse the world/each other was inspiring and showed me that I should not be afraid of my creations, no matter how odd or unusual or how uncomfortable they may make me feel. And finally, in ballet the attention give by Elizabeth Miller and Maria Vegh was what I needed. Perhaps some dancers may have been bummed by the number of corrections given, but I found it the best for me.

So what does this mean? It means that I continue on with the journey I've set forward knowing that it is okay if my ideas seem a little out there or if I'm getting older and they haven't quite gotten there yet. As long as I believe in me and my intentions, then I can't go wrong. As Lilian said, "As long as you act with your heart..."

Well, I'm off to finish lunch. I'll write more later.. Love Always, RK

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