Monday, July 07, 2008

Like Disneyland for Three Hours Straight...

Fireworks are the pyromaniacs crack and my pals Kelly and Rhonda are the dealers. We picked up a lot of stuff at their stand and had a party on the 4th of July!

Yup...and Ahh...and Ooo... the next day felt like a massive hangover.

There is too much to update in one post. I'm back in Fairbanks and back in the office for a week. If I told you all the cool stuff between July 4th and today, your eyes would bleed out your head from staring at the screen too long. One more day will give me time to condensce my thoughts to the essentials like fireworks!

I've concluded that Libby, Montana is the place to be on July 4th. First off, it actually gets dark in Montana, which it does not do in Fairbanks in July. Second, they allow stands to sell THE BEST fireworks ever. We are talking midnight at Disneyland mindblowing (sorry Bobbi the city where you live may put on an awesome show, but in Libby you get to light the show yourself). Finally, tons of neighborhoods pitch in thousands of dollars to blow off hours and and hours of fireworks starting on JULY 3RD. Yup. We came back from Kalispell on the 3rd to a massive show at midnight.
Of course, the company you keep makes it all the better. In the morning tons of people went fishing while I hung out at home and made enchillada sauce for thirty people. Then we went over to Kim's house and played ladderball and ate and ate and ate. Anders and Jessica travelled over from Billings and Britany drove down from Missoula. I have not seen them in years. It was also great to see Denise and Keith and the kids up from Sacramento, CA. I so have got to get home more often.
The big highlights of the evening is when Craig almost lit his grandfather's tree on fire with a fountain and I almost blew a hole in the EPA truck with a round of wild projectiles. Anders and Ivan had to dodge a firework so fast that Ivan pulled a hamstring muscle and had to take an Advil so he could keep lighting. Not that any of this stopped us from coordinating more big shots. Hey, that's what we have firetrucks for!
I got lots of cool photo shots that maybe I'll use in the future. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my trip back to Seattle. Let us just say that it started dark and early on July 5th at 2:30 when we had to wake from our nap (July 4th fireworks ended at midnight) to drive a deer infested road to the airport in Kalispell...

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