Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road to Success

Zebbie Baby...

Major success today as I completed another character profile. Zeb Love joins his sister Calice and then entire Japanese Brood in the "Complete" canister. Remaining is the Bouchard siblings, Zeb's younger brother Jacob (whom I started once upon a time), and then the top hospital admins of Dr. Nicholas Contreras and the Wired known as Bethany. I was surprised how fast I finished this profile and it might be that the small momentum built up from the previous ones made more confident in this one; or it may just be that after weeks at dance camp I was willing to focus on something else. Either way it is done! Yeah! I worked a bit on rewriting Rebbeca 2.1 with the actual consideration that it might make a good novella or maybe even a novel. Considering that the draft fell somewhere in the 10,000 mark, writing 40,000 more words should be a piece of cake. The big difficulty will be tying it together with an extended plot. Yikes, major planning on the way!

Write more later... RK

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