Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marriage...Lunch... The Best Money Ever Spent

Quote from the Papers

"If professional philosophers did their jobs, analyzed concrete philosophical problems, and won media attention for their conclusions, we wouldn't be sentenced to the cable simplicities of right-wing marriage pundits, or the often ahistorical rights-focused arguments of same-sex-marriage champions. We'd be forced to think hard about what marriage has been, is, and should be, before deciding to whom we're willing to sell tickets."

By CARLIN ROMANO in his article 'For Marriage, the Honeymoon's Over: A scholar unveils an institution's troubled history' written for the August edition of the Chronicle Review. Romano is reviewing Frances E. Dolan's new book Marriage and Violence: The Early Modern Legacy (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008).

After reading that review, I'll never complain about my marriage again.

Lunch Hour Work

It's Wednesday. I'm at lunch with Ivan. Cheese and crackers with a small side Spinach salad cover in flaxseed, bacon bits, and ceasar dressing. I've been working on my novel outline for Rebbeca 2.1 during lunch and so far this is what I've got:

It Started with a Wood Box Left on the Walkway...

It's 2080, and a Japanese geisha relocates to the Guild Americas after a mysterious box provides clues to her missing family. Her new employer, a head district supervisor from Las Perlas, California, convinces the chief bio-tech to release her after mandatory genetic screening results in detainment. Clues about her family continue to arrive at her new home as she negotiates with two separate parties for the acquisition of two high-profile Wireds. Frustrated with an anti-Wired administration, she considers returning to Japan until the ultimate clue to her heritage forces her to reconsider her entire existence.

Savvy. Not much but savvy.

I see it as a sign that I am serious about becoming a writer. It's about damn time.

The Best $395 I Ever Spent

I went to dance class and struggled on my pointe shoes; however I did get an important compliment that proved to me that I got my money's worth from the Summer Arts Festival:

"You are having your best barre ever."

I had my best, PAIN FREE barre ever. I danced with good posture. Nope I couldn't do half of anything on pointe because my weight is not longer shifted to one "strong" side meaning that I have equal baby arches on both feet now. My toes need to be stronger before I can press up. These are detail things for me to work on during the year. The big problems with my posture have been efficiently explained, modeled, and corrected. Yesterday was the payoff.

I realize that I have a long way to go before I build the proper strength to dance beautifully in those pointe shoes, but I am more encouraged now that before. I believe that I can advance quickly now that I have the basics. They will not believe who I've become when I return to the Summer Arts Festival next year.

Well, I'm back to work on this outline. I'll write more later... Peace RK

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