Thursday, July 03, 2008

Staking Claims on MySpace

Myspace is a warzone for DTF dancers. Today is the first quiet day since the bomb dropped about the dismissal of our director. People are taking sides, They have been arguing, pointing fingers, and banging on the online pulpit. It has been exhausting and I have to say that I am glad that I am down in Montana this week. The company members gathered for a meeting last night to discuss their feelings. The ground they dug out in Myspace is just as ugly in person. Friendships will be lost and I expect a few casualties of war. As a dancer I am angry, as a parent I understand; therefore I am at an impasse with myself. This doesn't make healing any easier.

We are heading to Kalispell today. Ivan and I have loaded up our Zunes and will work more on character sketches during the two hour drive. I'm not really sure exactly why we're going. Perhaps Phil just worries I will get bored in the house. He really wants me to go fishing tomorrow morning. I'm in the mood to just hang out, which is something I rarely get to do. I have to say that I have not been motivated to do more than write and blog and talk to my friends. To me that is a real vacation. If I wanted to go see a new place, then I would call it travel and not a vacation. There is a distinct difference between the two.

Other than that, life has been life. I have broken in my pointe shoes to the point they hurt my toes, which means they are to the point I can dance in them. Tomorrow I need to make my reservations for a car in Seattle. I will spend the day there at Pike's Market and in the science center. Seattle is my second home and it is a necessary trip to refresh and in this case contemplate and heal. I would like to attribute my feelings for Seattle with coffee, but I loved Seattle before I drank coffee. Truthfully the connection is more with Pike's Market than anything.

Well, I better go. We are ready to pile in the car and push off.

Write more later... Peace... RK

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