Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to Think... Time to Write... Time to Recover and Dance

"I was formally reprimanded for making plans for 20:30 on a Friday night because of my clear lack of commitment after spending a 60 hour week at the office."
-Charlie, London comments to a BBC News|UK|Magazine article called 'No Time to Think' by Alan Connor. Connor writes about ways people can regain thinking time and analyzes how we lost it in the first place. Many comments lamented that they receive reprimands when they don't put in 60+ hours a week, often getting labeled as 'not committed' to their jobs.

Perhaps it is a sign of a paradigm shift. Barely one year ago I unchained myself from a boss who would have reacted the same way as Charlie's boss.

When Once Upon a Time Ended

If every story started with "Once Upon a Time..." then mine would have been when I was working the crazy 60+ hours for the news stations, for advertising agencies, and for arts agencies. It would be part of the first act and my breakdown that led me to abandon that damn crazy lifestyle would be the end of Act I. My new life would be the first part of Act II when "Once Upon a Time
" is over. Last night I finished my mini-character sketches for my novel outline. Early this morning I finished the extended paragraph outline. Now I need to work on each character's perspective on the story. This will be challenging because I usually don't give that kind of thought to non-narrative characters, but I can see how it would be beneficial. I can see what kind of motives and twists each character would have in their interaction with Rebbeca.

If you are at interested in the method I am using to design this novel it is called the Snowflake Method created by Randy Ingermanson. Check it out!

The Body is Bowl of Rice Krispies...

Never did I think I could Snap, Crackle and Pop as much as I have during the past week. If there was a joint to relocate or a muscle that needed restrengthening then it was shifting in my body. My hip and back weren't the only things, my neck muscle, my sternum, my ankles... Good Lord you would have thought that I was fall apart instead of falling together.

Tonight is another class and I anticipate it to be better than the last. I'm a bit sick and my calf muscles are screaming for ibuprofen, but I can't let myself wimp out. The pain I feel is nothing like before and for once it is a good soreness and the snapping is just realignment talking.
I can't give up now. Not after all I've been through the past few weeks!
Some people might call my Rice Krispie problem age, but I'm not the only one over 30 who is dancing nowadays. If you get a chance check out Pointe Mangazine's article on older dancers (August/September). After all these years I feel like I'm not the only one crazy enough to buy their first pair of pointe shoes past the generally accepted "prime" that the dance world as established, which is unfortunately in the teens and twenties. The article is awesome, but it is only available at the stands or via subscription. I suggest stopping by a Barnes and Noble where you can read it undisturbed by the fireside.

Well, I better go. I want to have a good lunch today. Write more later! Peace... RK

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