Sunday, August 31, 2008

Front Page News!!!

Wow! What You Find At 9AM!

I was at Freddies picking up a Sunday Paper for Phil when I saw Jay Schamel's face and thought, 'Wow I know that guy, he was Ivan's ASRA teacher.' So I flipped it over to read the caption and the name Kvapil pops out at me. Ivan's face had alluded me because his head was right on the fold. This picture was shot when he attended ASRA in July. I had to double check the date of the paper becuase we are already on the cusp of September, but hey. It's Alaska. We move slow around here.

caption reads:(from left) Asa Pendergrasy, instructor Jay Schamel, Ben Nye, Ivan Kvapil, Danny Dashevsky, and John Pender discuss their findings while using video games as a basis to try and maximize path length and course in a given space in their Radical Math class during UAF's Alaska Summer Research Academy Thursday, July 24, 2008. (photo by Eric Engman)

Read the full story about Ivan's adventures at the Alaska Research Science Academy (ASRA)


Last night at the gallery, I got so much done. I uploaded soundbites to my upcoming radio story and sorted them. Tonight I'll log them and hopefully get that last interview today. I'll write it tomorrow and get it approved during the week. Next weekend I'll put it all together!!

For the last few hours there I worked on attaching Flash buttons to a few of my radio archives. I didn't get them all done because the first two prototypes took me some time to get right and then I found the files too large. I've resized the prototype files this morning and reuploaded them. Nothing is completely linked yet because I am still polishing the site. I'm hoping to have it ready to go by the end of this month or at the very latest next month. Once I have the radio archives up, I will work on the print archives. Afterwards I will need to create albums filled with my best photography and digital illustrations. I am surprised by my motivation and pleased at the same time.

Well, we are wrapping up Dr. Who espisode The Shakespeare Code. Anything with Shakespeare and the Doctor and I'm there!
Write more later... Peace RK

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