Friday, August 22, 2008

Lack of Sleep=Inspiration...At Least for Today

Happy Friday...

My body hit the familiar mind/body glitch last night after an extremely excellent Ballet V class. This happens as my brain and body are trying to simultaneously digest everything it learned. This meant a sleepless night and great difficulty getting up. I did a very, very brief Wii Fit routine that I will probably extend this evening. Tonight I will interview Thalia for my radio story I am producing on cliques. I have a few more phone calls to make, but at least I will have gotten started. On another happy note, I finished the last character sketch for my novel Rebbeca 3.1 and in the next step of the snowflake outline I have to place all the scenes into a spreadsheet. Data entry ugh.

Visual Art Binge

Since the body ached, I forced myself to sit down and work through some Illustrator CS3 tutorials. Illustrator has always fascinated me, but a lot has changed and I have not yet taken time to get a grip on the new version (this is also true of Photoshop). I decided to work through a couple tutorials featured on N.Design Studios website. Very excellent, well written, and well illustrated. They did a stellar job. These tutorials are for intermediate users, meaning that you have a clue what the tools are in Illustrator and how to use them.

Sunshine and Happiness...

The work continues. This weekend we are meeting to further discuss the anthology and the illustrators' contest we hope to promote. I've learned a lot about writing proposals and realize that I really, really need to quit focusing on way too much. The other day I was just so overwhelmed after looking at the draft of my dance resume. I still haven't updated my literary resume, which may soon include this anthology. I have always felt pulled between each aspects of my work. Some days I don't know how I can balance it all. Maybe it will be something I struggle with forever. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee. That sounds good. I'm off to get one. Write more later.

Peace... RK

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