Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not Gone, Just Thinking...


It's Thurday, lunchtime. I've had a productive morning with my novel outline. I've moved onto the next step and got at least half way with an extra extended narrative of what it's all about. My brother is visiting this week for the fair and Ivan is griping more because he has to do chores while we have guests. They are going to the movie in an hour so he has little of my sympathy...

I haven't written much lately because I've been pretty sick. During the weekend I slept a couple of 10-13 hour days while working on the Monroe Rams website. My computer had a fit on Saturday, which I took as God telling me to GO TO BED! Phil got it working that night and I finished things up on Sunday while I was volunteering at the Fairbanks Arts Association Bear Gallery. Then I went home and went to bed. I think I accomplished something, but I'm not sure.

Do 80 with 20...

So, I got onto this motivational high (maybe freak out mode) yesterday. Laura and I were talking about my desk at work getting messy and I joked that it looked like Matt's desk across the way. Then at some point in the afternoon I went, "You know it doesn't have to the look like Matt's desk. In just a half an hour I could have it clean like Don's." So I zipped through and cleaned all the dishes and tea pots and coffee cups and the thermos and had it ship shape. Then I went home and cleaned the kitchen including the microwave and then I went to our CWG meeting about the anthology we are trying to publish. When I came home I went back downstairs and totally cleaned out my home office. It was so weird and so amazing.

I know you're probably thinking... "Uh... what does this have to do with the arts?" Well, I'll tell you. This morning I went downstairs and I could find my novel outline. I had space to sit down and work on it. I could find my date planner. I wasn't tempted to turn on my computer to ignore all the projects I have laid out (okay, that might be a slight lie, but I didn't even check my email until 8:30 this morning). If I were to pinpoint when this all started I would have to say it was after I stumbled on this amazing blog called BoDo (which stands for Business of Design Online). It covers just what it's title implies: the Business of Design Online. But the specific entry I stumbled on was about Time Management (#8) that has a free e-book about ways creative people can manage the seconds ticking by. The other feelgood online factsheet I found was Tips on Effective Time Management by Ohio State University. This one lets us know that it is okay if we don't accomplish everything on our to-do list. All we need to do is accomplish 20 percent of the list to be 80 percent effective. This is taking to account, naturally, that the 20 percent is the top 20 percent. Well, by that time of the day I had already accomplished the top 20 percent and so I felt relieved knowing that I had already managed to be 80 percent effective. I guess I felt that if I pushed a little more maybe I could reach the one-double-zero percent. I would have to say... I did.

Stike up the Routine

Well, if routine is the key to it all, as BoDo suggests then I have tonight set. Yes, the fair is going on. Nope no one else will probably be in class if Chantel and Jamie don't show, and as far as I know it is just me in pointe class, but it is my routine. This Saturday we register for the regular semester. I found out I was promoted to a higher level tap class (???? truly this boggles my mind, but Misty seems to know her stuff). Jessica verified that I don't need to go into remedial pointe just because I can't seem to muster up the strength to roll through my feet in point shoes, and I'm just praying that my body gets its funk back once hip-hop starts. I'll probably go back into jazz and maybe try lyrical. I do plan to see my family every once in a while, so I suppose it all depends what the studio decides as a schedule in the end.

Hey while we're on the topic of registering... if you live in Interior Alaska and love to dance then sign up with Dance Theatre Fairbanks. We are holding registration on Saturday, August 16th from 12-4 at our studios on downtown Fairbanks. We have classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Middle Eastern, and from what I hear Modern too. Students have traveled from Healy to attend classes on a regular basis. Our students end up receiving scholarships to go to places like Idyllwild Arts Academy and dance intensives in Los Angelas, California. It's fun and good for you!

Well, lunch is almost up. I'll write more later. Have a good day! Peace. RK

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