Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Checking in Lets You Sleep at Night

Sometimes just a minor shift, or running an idea past someone can provide the greatest relief. I've been concerned because my radio story on cliques seemed to morph into a slightly different idea. Just a few simple emails checking in with the editor let me know that the shift is okay and we are still on deadline. Whew! I slept so good last night.

This same thing can be applied to parenting. Ivan didn't quite make it to bed on time, but we had a good half hour check in. Its necessary because I've picked up a heavy dance schedule that takes me out of the house more. Even though he has football, he isn't seeing me as often as he did before. I need to make sure that he is okay and that my schedule is not getting in his way. Even though it wasn't a huge in depth conversation, Ivan got to tell me things he wanted and we talked about my schedule and how he's been feeling.

Remedial Pointe

Monday I had an incredible Lyrical class. We did an improvisation section in which I did some amazing leap turn, which proves I can do so much better if I relax. Relax while performing choreography is more of a challenge because it is a mindset. My mind gets caught up in doing the steps instead of just trusting that my body knows what steps to take. Still I love it because it is a cross between my two favorite dance styles: Ballet and Jazz. We also returned to Hip-Hop on Monday and it was decided that we are learning Kadey's piece "Bomb's Over Bagdad" (an Outkast song). This piece is fast and amazing. The upper level Hip-Hop class learned most of it last year. I am so excited that we are going to perform it this year.

Last night I went back to pre-pointe, though I had to take the technique class in pointe shoes. I survived though my toes were definitely throbbing and my feet were so tired I drove home without shoes. Today I start my upper level classes. Ballet IV, which I took last year and Ballet V is tomorrow. Jazz is today, another addition to my schedule. Last year I took a few Jazz classes, but nothing consistent. I think the last time I took a consistent Jazz class was in 1999.

Pretty Up Life and Archive It

I'm still working on my website. It's not obvious by visiting it because I haven't linked to any of the new sections. However, I have completed my performing resume and a contact page along with a gallery of pictures taken of me while performing or pictures I've taken backstage. I also finished editing my literary resume and putting it into a layout. I want to archive my radio stories produced over the last few years and some of the PDFs of articles written for various publications. I found that I will have to purchase more hosting space for this because the audio formats are pretty heavy and I have so many PDF's. Even if I only choose the best of the best, there will be a lot. This is not to mention that I haven't even started on a visual arts page. Even though I intend to do my gallery through Picasa the way I did my dance gallery, there will be sections that need pictures uploaded. It's gonna be a pretty dense process. I will probably go through the site during the weekend and delete anything that isn't needed. Even though it is a three-day weekend, I am going to be pretty pressed for time since I have to write my radio story and work on some of the preproduction.

All in all, I'm starting to feel back to normal. My lack of inspiration seems to have gone way of my cold and I feel more back in business. I will be glad when a few more of these projects are crossed off my list (such as the novel outline, which is about half way done; or the production of this radio piece). My family would probably be happy if I just did the laundry :)

Write more later... Peace RK

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