Thursday, August 14, 2008

Searching the Trenches for Inspiration

RK's Greatest Hits

It was a visually lack-a-daisy weekend. On Saturday we worked our butt off getting returning students registered at Dance Theatre Fairbanks. On Sunday I worked on the laundry until they covered my laundry room in so much plastic it reminded me of an scene straight out of E.T. or the X-files. Phil was working on the boiler and they were tuning it more today. Now they are airing it out, so that I can finish up washing tonight.

I will be back at Dance Theatre Fairbanks tonight and tomorrow registering new students. Thursday we begin class.

Though I have made progress drafting a marketing plan for the CWG anthology, completing Raquel's character profile, drafted the wording for our illustrator's contest, posted templates for review, and outlined a radio story I'm producing, I still had very little new work to post in my blog today. Therefore, I went digging through the trenches. I mean really digging through the trenches. I Googled my name to see where I may have popped up. Nothing too new, except a very bad coffee mug I drew while trying out Painter. And to my surprise I found that I had photo credit in a University of Alaska Fairbanks publication on page 47 (of the actual document)

Then today, for your imaging pleasure got a Photoshop compilation. It's days like these when I feel like progress is big, but the actually sign of progress is small.

Remedial Pointe/Hip-Hop/Tap

Of course, the first class of the semester HAS to be my hardest Ballet V class. I had a hard enough time keeping up with the summer pointe classes, and so I don't even get to work into the one that will probably kill me. I just will end up dragging in half-dead on Friday morning. If Friday is anything like today (I worked out hard over the weekend) then I'm screwed.

I did sign up for a much lower level ballet class with a pre-point session to try to build up my foot strength even further. I joke that it is remedial pointe. Truthfully, I hit a not-funky streak a few weeks back and I told Kadey that I needed to attend remedial Hip-Hop too. Perhaps my biggest scare is advancing in a tap class. Tap is the most unnatural class for me, and I am still wondering how I advanced when I'm hardly ever there. And now that I've skipped so much, how much harder and I going to have to work to keep up!!! I would take remedial tap, but I have remedial pointe during that time. Yikes!

It is actually all funny in the grand scheme of things. My son often tells me to challenge myself. I remind him that the problem may lie in the fact that I challenge myself just a tad too much.

Well, I better go. It is a short post today. I'm sure you will hear from me as all the little steps become a bigger, more visible step in the right direction.

Love you all... Peace. RK

P.S. My son just started a blog called Kovar's Guide to Living. It's kind of in the same vein as the 48 Laws of Power, but from a teenagers point of view.

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