Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wii Age 32... Real Age: Mmm Slighly Older

Will the Wii Me Please Stand Up!

Well talk about validation. Despite the gripes about the Wii Fit (there was a lot of good talk too), I am pleased to say that the years of dancing, running, yoga, pilates, weightlifting, and the all hailing two week balance class that kicked my ass this summer totally paid off when I stood on my Wii Fit for the first time last night.

The FIRST thing it tests is balance. OMG I have to give a GREAT BIG shout out Jean Couch and the gang at the Balance Center! If I had not muscled my way into that Teen Balance class during the Summer Arts Festival, then I would still be struggling with my lower back and posture problems AND WORSE be totally screwed when it came to the Wii Fit. The first thing it asks is if you want information about posture and balance. Say, "Yes" because it is fundamental to everything else you will do in the Wii Fit series.
I got great kuddos for having a near perfect posture (I still put 51% of my weight on my right and 49% on my left, but I bet that is way better than last year).

Some of the balance tests are mixed with agility, which is a major weakness that shows up in my difficulty dancing petite allegros (fast dancing where you do nothing my quick, agile moves). A BMI is calculated in there. It even gives me the option to passcode my profile, so no one else in my family can see my BMI and Wii age. Considering that they were all sitting there eating cereal while I was testing, this was a mute point. I was impressed that I scored a Wii age of 32 since I had just come back from shoving down a double serving of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone from Hot Licks. Kick Ass!

My regiment yesterday and this morning was a few easy yoga poses, some light jogging, balance games, and strength training. The push ups, all six of them, whipped me and I kept getting knocked in the head by soccer cleats and panda bear heads (don't ask) because my agility is like crap. I'm having fun. It was worth getting up at 5:30 a.m. to play.

Dude, Where's my Kid?

School started up yesterday and Ivan is officially an 8th grader. He ended up with the dreaded I-Assign-Homework-Every-Night English Teacher, but said there were a lot of his friends in that sinking boat with him. His girlfriend is joining him tomorrow since she really actually liked this teacher and so they can sink together.

The ice cream gathering was a type of celebration that they made it through the first day, or maybe it was a parental 'yeah, we survived summer,' or maybe it was just one last moment in the sun before it gets to snowing and freezing again. It's strange going home to an empty house during my breaks and the space between kid/mom time will increase as dance starts up today. Thankfully, we won't have Senior Company rehearsal tomorrow, so I am going out with Ivan and Thalia, so that I can start collecting interviews for my radio story on cliques.

Well, I'm off. Enjoy that last moment of sun. I'll think of you as I'm looking out the big bay windows in the gold studio wishing pointe shoes did not hurt so damn bad. Hmmm. Maybe by the end of the year I can cut my Wii Age in half....

Peace... RK

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