Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beginning of An Era

Project Completed

Whew! What a week! I finished my radio production on cliques today. This frees me up to get back to my novel and cleaning the house. As far as I know my piece will air this weekend (September 13th and 14th) on KUAC public radio (in Fairbanks). But after the weekend, they usually post the entire show on

I also have a slough of web work to catch up on now. In reality, I anticipate the pace of life to slow down again, as I move into the in between (i.e. the process period of new art). It's when wheels feel like they turn and I feel like they go nowhere, but really I am inching forward to my goal. Most of what I want to accomplish now are things that can happen during the weekend. You do not know how nice it is to know that what I'm working on now is for myself and not for a client.

Somedays It's Like Starting Over

John Lennon and Yoko Ono weren't the only ones singing this phrase. It's been one big frustration fest in my life because the past few weeks have felt like it's starting over. Most of this comes from my huge stride fixing my posture and my balance and agility issues. I feel it throughout the day, but less and less and I get better and better at keeping my alignment correct. I really notice it in dance when new muscles are taking over and though I am making strides, it comes at the cost of feeling tired because these muscles are the unworked ones. I'm happy and I'm bummed. I just want to get better, but I'm tired of feeling I'm at square one (actually it would be like square four in a six square process). I know that I'm a good dancer and those above me are only slightly better. Okay they may be vastly better, but I am pretty darn good for coming back from a severe injury and having to relearn a lot of stuff. Also there are new stuff I'm learning that they seem to know from all their dance camps or from having different teachers. I just do the best I can, but some days I just feel like its not enough. It doesn't bode well for my motivation. I'm really hoping this blue stage is just lack of sleep or project related stress or something. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to bed... Peace... RK.

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