Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chemistry, The Revolution, Photography, and Philosophy

Whirlwind Tour of the Mind

This has been a post two weeks in the works. I have been very busy making submissions happen! So here is last week in short. I will update about this week shortly.

Payne, Locke, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Adams, Hancock... a Revolution!

Last weekend was amazing as Ivan and I traipsed the entire intellectual field from Chemistry to Philosophy. We spent hours talking about the Revolution and the Philosophers who influenced it. Ivan has developed a wonderful love of Locke's Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Property and Thomas Payne's 'Rights of Man': "That we achieve too cheaply, we esteem too lightly."

Ivan continued to work on his photography submission during the weekend and both him and I got wonderful shots that includes some of our local residents. Ivan and I had several run in with inebriates, all of whom I think own the downtown area during the weekend. In the end he found a couple shots that he really enjoyed and will probably submit to the Adobe photo contest.

Three Submissions and a Story

Adagio Verse Quarterly is having a chapbook contest and I will gather my submissions to that as well. FAA's submission deadline for their digital show and their annual portfolio review is coming up, and I promised Tatiana that I would submit this year. I have pulled together most of my digital work and will narrow it to the ten that will go into the portfolio review. Drafting a visual arts resume is the toughest part of the visual arts submission because I did not keep such careful notes as to my training or the places in which I have shown. It information that I need, not only for this, but for my website. On top of this I have the first two chapters of Rebbeca 2.1 drafted and next week I will finalize my submission to the Long Prose Writing group. I have been trying hard not to let myself get too overwhelmed. At the same time, these are the same projects I promised myself that I would tackle when I was completed with everything else. Though I am not sure about my future in anything I am moving forward with some definitely clarity.

Baby Ballerinas

So much more interesting stuff has happened this week. I went to Anchorage for a publications meetings and then out to Quartz Lake to count fish with Matt, April, Cal, and Fronty. It meant missing some days in dance, but it was not a very good week for any of that. I will have the chance to re-choreograph the Ghostbuster's piece of a 'Show in a Day' and touch up the 'Ghost' piece I did a few years ago. Today I got to help Kendell teach the baby ballerinas. Diane said a lot of parents were happy with how we did and there is a chance that I will get to help out in the future. I'm exciting because teaching or choreographing is something that I have not gotten to do much. I suppose you just have to ride out the opportunities as you get them. It's been fun and though I am in a contemplative mood about my future, I take this as a good sign.

Well, I better go. In about 15 minutes there is another rehearsal in which I might be able to par-take. I'll end off with some more pictures taken during Ivan's photo shoot... Peace... RK

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