Thursday, September 04, 2008

Please Hold...Getting Grip...

In the Home Stretch

Okay, not only is it Thursday, but I have gotten the editorial approval on my radio piece. This means I only need to voice, edit, and submit; and baring any weirdness (it's happened), then I will be done with this project. It's been fun and I have learned that preps and jocks do not like to talk about cliques, nor do the parents of preps or jocks. Girl preps are the exception if they trust you. I have also learned that school administrators are squeamish about talking about cliques. I think they want to ignore the topic and believe that they can make one big Brady family (or Highschool Musical family?), instead of admitting there are the Simpsons (i.e. slacker Homer, troublemaker Bart, i.e. goody two-shoes Marge, geeky Lisa, and question mark Maggie) the Flanders (religious Ned et. al) the Van Houtens (i.e. nerd Millhouse), the Nahasapeemapetilon (if you can say that then you know I mean the foreign Kwik-e-Mart guy), and so on and so on. In other words, school is not the Breakfast Club, school is Springfield.

Putting a Plan in Action

I restarted the draft of Rebbeca 2.1 after giving myself permission to throw away and disregard the crap I drafted Sunday afternoon. This version is ten thousand times better and requires much less editing. Some days expansion of an idea is easier than coming up with a whole new concept, which is the direction I was heading with Chapter 1.1. I have one more scene to draft before I can type it up and submit it for review. After submitting my radio story, I should have significantly more time to dedicate to this project. After planning it to death, I feel really confident that I can write a killer draft that will need less editing than all the previous stuff sitting around in notebooks awaiting transcription. Slowly I have been arranging those ideas and eventually, maybe those stories will come to life as well. For now, I am just trying to work out one thought at a time.

Tonight is dance class as usual. Things are going well. I'm finding my body temporarily out of whack as it readjusts for better posture. Always a challenge.... Write more later... Peace... RK

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