Monday, September 29, 2008

The Standard/Style/Act/Meaning of Living

The Champions of Life

"He says that philosophy requires a certain rare and innate ability — the ability to step outside yourself and observe your own mind in the act of thinking. In this respect, Jolley recognizes that his detractors have a point when they criticize his approach to teaching. “It’s aristocratic in the sense that any selection based on talent is aristocratic,” he told me. “I know it offends everyone’s sense of democracy, this idea that everyone’s equal, but we all know that’s just not true.”-The Thinker by Johnathan Mahler

Perhaps it is ironic to show athletic champions next to quote about philosophical champions, but it is one in the same. When we don't understand the game we are bugged by who plays, how it's played, and the way recognition is doled out. Ivan counted eight kids from the other team who cried because they did not win the championship. People criticized the coach for playing the best, the most. They also criticized the number of kids who flocked to his team versus any other, but perhaps life, at its very base, is in fact aristocratic or elitist. We want what is best and we want to be the best and we always hate those who are ahead in the game.

From my standpoint, I have come to appreciate my rather chaotic persona. I believe people should live life to its fullest. Not to say that someone has to live their life the way I have. When I die there will be many people who will wonder why I wasn't a stay at home mom, who cleaned their house better and had more kids. Perhaps the answer is that I do not philosophically function this way. Not to say that I don't believe in a clean house and kids. I believe that I would have a clean house if I could hire someone to clean it. I hang out with my child in qualitative moments versus quantitative waste; and between the neighborhood and company there are more children than I can handle. Yet there are stay at home mom's (pizza workers, admins, execs, etc.) who shine in these professions. You know they are in their element and philosophically where they need to be. You can also tell the people who aren't in line with their philosophies. They give off that creepy, awful, or angry feel that repels people.

To summarize: Live by your philosophies, whatever they may be. Never think twice that you are wrong (or even right) just because they are different than someone else.

We could get into a whole discussion about moral relevancy, but I leave that to the moralists.

So What Am I Living Now?

I seem to be encountering a person paradigm shift. I consider this more than an epiphany because I am actually acting on my thoughts. I have gathered my submissions; budgeted the next fiscal year; frowned because I do not have tons of money to do what I want to do artistically; said "Oh Well"; and moved on to accomplish what I can afford to do. Before I would have just got myself into a rut because I did not have the money to send a contest submission or purchase a frame for a show or go to a writing conference. This time I said, "Well, I'll have the money in early October, so between now and then I will wrap up all that music editing, choreography transcription, and various related stuff that needs done". With the exception of 16 counts of music I got most of that stuff done, freeing up my thoughts to focus on finishing up other submissions that are shy a poem and a piece of artwork. I expect that I will hit a rut, but feel confident that I will get out faster and more successfully than in the past. It's a great feeling.

Well, I better go. I have dance class soon and want to work a little longer on Chapter 3 of Rebbeca 2.1. I am almost done with the pencil draft and will type it up in the next couple of days. I am further ahead than expected. At the same time I want to get one more chapter written before submitting it to the Long Prose Writers Group in October. I've also signed up for a Writer's Village workshop and have a website project to wrap up. At the end of this week I am photographing a wedding. All and all, my calendar looks easier than last month, but I know how deceptive that really is.

Love Always... Peace... RK

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