Saturday, September 13, 2008

Radio Story Moved! Got a Lead Role!

Check it Out Next Weekend!

I got the news that AK Radio will air my story next weekend (Saturday and Sunday). They are a Public Radio program that air at different times around the state. However, you can listen to the entire show at Visit after the 21st and 22nd! I will probably post a version on my blog at some point as well.

Big Goal Accomplishment

Well, it was at the top of my list to get a lead role this year and I did! Last night they held auditions for the 'Show in a Day: This is Halloween' and I got the role of Stingy Jack. I only have a few lines, but I get to do a lot of pantomime. I act out the story of how Halloween came about as BJ tells it to the audience. I interact with the Devil who is played by Chantel Smallwood. I am so psyched! Now I have to work on character development and developing my physical act. We will perform it on Thursday, October 30th at the Dance Theatre Fairbanks. For those who don't know about 'A Show in a Day,' this is a great opportunity for children (and sure adults) from all ages and dance experience to come together for one afternoon and learn two dance numbers that we perform that evening. We have chosen a Halloween theme and are using some of the choreography that we used for the event two years ago. It sounds tough, but the kids really love it and do really, really well. So if you're looking for a place for your kid to go on October 30th when they have no school (it's a teacher in-service day), the I suggest contacting DTF.

Wow! It's only up from here. I will continue to work hard so that I can try out for a lead in Alaska if we perform it in the Spring.

Write more later... Peace... RK

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