Monday, September 08, 2008

Wanted: Longer Weekends

From Paper to the Screen: Editor InterruptedHow many songs exist about Monday's? These top ones come to mind:

1) Monday, Monday- The Mamas and the Papas
2) Manic Monday- The Bangles
3) I Don't Like Mondays- Boomtown Rats
4) Rainy Days and Mondays- The Carpenters
5) Blue Monday- New Order

Okay yes, I am having a cranky Monday. It was a fun and productive weekend with family and I don't want to go back to the hectic weekday. Yes, it is brought upon myself and I have shifted around responsibilities to accommodate the fact that I do want to spend more time with family and on writing. Projects in which all the weight is thrown on me (and maybe one or two other poor soul) are going by the wayside. If people don't want to pull their weight, then I should not be expected to make up for their laziness. I've discovered some great easy words: Not my problem.

Not to say that I'm totally shirking responsibility. I did dedicate myself to a radio project and this week I will wrap that up. I have dedicated myself to websites and this weekend I will get those updated except for the one that isn't scheduled for updating until the end of the month. I have dedicated myself to dance and writing a novel. I am there. As for the rest, I am not going to push a boulder uphill while others sit on the rock and get a ride. We all push it uphill or I'm for letting it crash and burn at the bottom of the cliff.

Outdoor Inspiration

Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.
- George Carlin

Phil and Ivan went hunting this weekend, while I knitted in the truck and kept and eye out for grouse. The knitting is going okay, but not the best. I'm going to keep through with it and see what I get, but again it is a project for when I am in most need of a relaxed mind. I had fun being outdoors and helping Ivan with his photography work for ELP class. Ivan, on his own, has a very developed eye and style of photography. He already knows to take a hundred pictures to get THE ONE. His other big accomplishment was bringing food to the table. Check it out:

Other than that I spent Saturday morning and late last night editing a drafted section of Rebbeca 3.1 (I know I keep shifting the version number, but that is just bad counting). It's coming well and I have one and a half more scenes before I am done with this chapter. Even if it isn't a large section of writing, I may submit it for review. Hopefully, it will keep the momentum, but truthfully it's been pretty helpful having things outlined well.

Well, I'm off. I'll check in later this week. Write more... Peace... RK

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