Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad Monkey!

Forcing My Computer to Contribute

Always experimenting. Yes. I just posted earlier today, but we have a day off tomorrow; so I'm up late playing with all the stuff I never get to play with. I've set up my blog in Adobe Contribute for no other reason than using a piece of software that came with the bundle. Do I ever think I will have a real functional reason? Nope. It's cool to be able to edit my blog in a WYSIWYG instead of the funky backend that comes with Blogger. Come on other fellow bloggers you know what I mean. Blogger has been around for like ever and has that interface changed much over the years?

If this is successful then maybe I'll consider adding other sites I'm working on that really only need quick updates. Not that Dreamweaver isn't the s**t, but once I develop the site, I'm not interested in digging through all the code to make a single update. I just want to be able to change text and maybe add a file. I won't know if Contribute offers that kind of functionality until I really get into it. And, of course, I'm only using Contribute CS3. Who knows what CS4 will have to offer.

*Note: Trying to use Blogger and CS3 sucks!!!


Fairbanks has a Darwin Society? Ivan attended a lecture tonight put on by the The Darwin Society at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
UAF Associate Professor Eduardo Wilner presented “To be (a Monkey) or not to be: How Evolution Designed Some Dangerous Thinking.” He talked about how the human mind got to this point and how it affects our daily life. Among the many things he pointed out how logic surrenders to emotion in times of crisis, the differences in brain development found in liberals and conservatives, how "facts" are really nothing more than a damn good theory, and much more. Wilner was funny, challenging, and covered many philosophies and articles featured on this site. He took a very Zen approach:

"Is it bad of me to call you a 'Bad Monkey'? No, as long as you know you are a monkey, then you know how to use your skills wisely."
Ivan and I laughed because Sam and his famous faux pas, when he announced, "I...Kick..." and then paused because ten adults waited in horror of what they anticipated he might say; but in classic Sam style ended with "...Monkeys*"

*No actual monkeys were hurt in the writing of this blog.

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