Friday, October 03, 2008

The Monday to Friday Blur

Here Comes the Bride

Ahh! It's Friday already! Perhaps I should be saying TGIF, but I feel like I just said it when WHAM it's here again. I have a break between photography shoots, but will be leaving in just a few moments. We finished with the church rehearsal and will head over to the Turtle Club to photograph the rehearsal dinner. It's been years since I've eaten there and I remember the food was pretty good. I'm not too hungry and will probably be just as happy with steamed vegetables.

Tomorrow is the big wedding day. In the morning I will photograph Zoe getting her hair done followed by a shoot with her bridesmaids. Then I will follow them over to the church as they finish getting ready. The wedding is at three and the reception will go on into the night.

The Weekly List of Accomplishments

Perhaps the big things are as follows:
  1. Finished the last poem for my chapbook submission to Adagio Verse Quarterly.
  2. Sketched out an idea for my last graphic piece to be included in my Fairbanks Arts Association portfolio review submission.
  3. I decided to take a few writing classes again. So I signed up online at Writer's Village University and picked a poetry class, a fiction class, and the F2K workshop. I am going to try to earn the short fiction certificate they offer.
  4. I learned to do better plies. Perhaps you think I should have this down by now, but don't bet on it.
Onward Into the Weekend

Well. I'm gonna head. I have twenty minutes to get there. The roads are slick and people are driving terrible. That is how early winter goes in Fairbanks. At some point I will be terrified to walk to work because I'm either afraid I will slip at some random intersection or I'm afraid a driver will slip at some random intersection. I've seen it go both ways.

Write more later... Peace... RK

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