Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pulling Down the Veil

"Whatever you may be sure of, be sure of this, that you are dreadfully like other people." - James Russell Lowell

Shout Out to JSM

Input/Output= the Human Mind. This is how I have presented my worldview. Logical. Black and White. Education is the key. Yet the life of John Stuart Mill reminds up that the mind sometimes breaks down in this mode. Adam Gopnik article Right AgainThe passions of John Stuart Mill reflects on the breakdown this great mind experienced after a lifetime in input-output by his Utilitarian teacher Jeremy Bentham. JSM found is relief in the arts, which would go a long way to support the philosophy of Fairbanks Arts Association Director June Rogers, who has long promoted an "arts as healing" philosophy (example: she just brought Caterpillar Soup for Fairbanks). It make me reconsider my logical input/output mode. In many personal conversations I have admitted to my more rational and reactionary side that burst forward under pressure. JSM eventually concluded that a life lived to its fullest outmatches a life lived through pure logic. With that in mind, I have to remind myself to invite others into the conversation. On a day to day basis I speak with people about all sorts of topics: domestic violence, self-esteem, parenting, politics. Face-to-face I love to hear from people and I am afraid that online I have failed to make readers feel like they are invited into the discussion. I would always love to hear from people. I know some people are curious about the point of this blog. It isn't a necessarily a promotional site. It isn't a topic specific site. It is a public journal that allows people to see into the working mind of an artist. Most days the discussion is about job specific details or progress reports; but sometimes I verge into philosophy that serves as the backbone of my stories. Sometimes you will see pictures of my family and read blurbs typed in from my cell phone. Though these seem like irrelevant moments, they are all part and parcel to life, the true inspiration of all creativity.

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