Thursday, November 13, 2008


Never Quite Enough Time
It seems not even four days off and three days working at home is enough to remotely catch up with all I have in the pot. Though I have caught up with the important reports and the super behind postings and school lessons and even finished some writing classes, there is more waiting. My to-do list is in the red. I was so certain that I was just about done so that I could focus on my writing. How could this be?
I've gotten far and for the first time in days I don't feel like a panic attack might strike me down while listening to George Michael in the car. My gray hair is making me crazy and I have one purple painted finger nail that is now chipping (thanks Alison). I haven't fully put on my make-up for days. I've spent the last two hours trying to figure out why I'm going to a certain set of meetings next week. I'm just as engrossed in figuring out just how clean my house has to be for our Thanksgiving guest. In three weeks I perform and then three weeks after that I perform again. I am ready for the December/January break. I bet I will sleep it all away.
As manic as this all sounds. I actually have been super focused with only minor boughts of trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my cell phone! Ivan was sick yesterday and stayed home to sleep on the couch most of the afternoon. I'm not sunburned on my butt anymore, so I'm going back into the tan booth. It's -20 degrees and I'm getting grumpy. Watch out world, I can feel my annual winter poem coming on. It will probably be about driving in an icebox listening to George Michael and looking at my gray hairs that look like the MF gravel in the snowy road. I'm pale without pink added to my cheeks and I need to wax my eyebrows. All this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. And when I'm done laughing I will finish reading my next section of my book, warm up my car so that I can go to a tanning booth and fall asleep in a hot bed that makes me dream of Maui (a place I've never been) and burn my butt again!
Alright. Enough with life. I'll write more later. Peace... RK

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