Monday, November 24, 2008

What's the Thanksgiving Equivilant of Ba-hum-bag?


Perhaps one of the most confusing holidays for me. Yes, I know the story of the Indians and the Pilgrims and the corn and game and for some reason I think of coloring books and paper turkey's whenever someone mentions tries to relate the reason we celebrate this holiday. I sometimes think of church because I remember very long sermons about giving thanks or taking this one special day to give thanks with the added notation that we should give thanks all year long. St. Francis Xavier was a fairly large church will brightly colored stain glass windows that made it difficult to concentrate on the drab beige interior surrounding the lectern. I used to stare at the glass images and make up stories in my mind about what happened when the angel protected the children as they crossed the bridge, and I used to wonder if I really had a guardian angel because there were days when I doubted. Pretty frequently in fact.

Yet, the biggest thing about Thanksgiving that makes me grumble is the damn turkey. I think I used to like turkey, or maybe I just convinced myself that I liked turkey. I mean its not all that bad. The dark meat is pretty juicy and really that is all I ever eat. Yet, after the Christmas when I was pregnant with Ivan, and got sick at my grandmother's house from eating turkey with green salsa, I have not liked it as much. In fact, I have not liked Thanksgiving as much since then, even though that is irrational because all that drama happened at Christmas. I guess I see it as a pointless holiday since I'm pretty thankful for just about everything, all the time because I know that it has been worse, or could be worse, and really in my hands to make it better. I don't need a turkey, or mashed potatoes, or salad to remember that. In fact having all that stuff around just makes me indulge and encourages other to indulge despite that fact that a billion other people around the world aren't even going to be able to eat that day. I think that, more than anything, makes me grumpy. I hate making food that I know probably won't be eaten before it's gone to waste. My family is not really the leftover type despite their proclamations that left overs are fine.

Thankfully, most of our Thanksgivings in Fairbanks have been celebrated elsewhere. We have several friends who have drawn us into larger celebrations, and this year is no exception. This year my friend Jim Durkee has invited us to his house (or someone's home) for a potluck. I'm making enchiladas, which seem to be a hit and, if by chance some come home, will be eaten by my family days afterward. I have invited my friend Jeremiah to come along since his closest family is 300+ miles away in Anchorage. Phil has to take care of stats for a basketball game that evening and really I plan on doing nothing much for most of the day. With all the chaos in my life, I need some downtime, or at least time to stare into the pot of stewing chili sauce and see nothing by my dim reflection and the swirl stirring the rue up and breaking it down simultaneously.

Of course, Ivan and I have planned our traditional Black Friday excursion. Though we don't have much to buy, we often go to observed the consumer hungry behaviors of our fellow Americans while sucking down free coffee and eating free doughnut holes. My parents keep asking about Christmas lists even though they have failed to send me one, and of course, my brother's list is so long that I get a eye strain after the first page. I don't even think I cracked it open this year. I pretty much knew what I was going to get him months ago, though I appreciate his caveat "No Self-Help Books. PLEASE!" I wonder if he thinks he's beyond help or if he just doesn't want it. If he thinks he doesn't need it then he should remember that we ALL need help. If we didn't it would be because we were all helping each other already.


Ice Ice Baby is finally set. Back to the Earth is set. Kadey is a genius. We are still trying to set Rebbeca's Celtic Christmas. If I have anything else to perform for the Christmas show then I don't know. On December 1st and 5th we are set to perform Nelly Furtado's Maneater for a fundraiser. It's campy, and a lot like reliving my teens in a bad 80s prom dress. The choreography and style reminds me a lot of Kate Perry's Hot N Cold. The performance on December 1st is at the Salisbury Theatre (University of Alaska Fairbanks lower campus) at 6 or 6:30 and the December 5th performance is in the Ballroom (University of Alaska Fairbanks Wood Center), around 7 pm. Our other winter performance with the Ice Ice Baby, Back to the Earth, and Celtic Christmas will be on December 17, 18, and 19 at the Dance Theatre Fairbanks in-house theatre behind Sadlers.

This weekend Ivan and I will scout out the details of my costume for Ice Ice Baby. The givens are that I am wearing this white tutu that ripples along the edges and has this cool embroidery. I want to buy a wig and spray it silver. I have to wear white tennis shoes and so I don't know if I should go white with tights or leggings or silver or a mix. I would do a fluffy knit thing, but I don't have time to knit before the show (not with all the work I have on the web end of things...see further down). So it will probably be Value Village or something I can sew quickly. I also have to dye some gray clothes a rose color for Back to the Earth. We don't have rehearsals this weekend so I will be able take care a lot of stuff.

During this last weekend, Aminta went over the scenes of our Spring show (name TBA). There is a lot of pointe work, which is not my strongest suite. Aminta said there would be lyrical leads, which is more my strong suit. I think either way I will end up performing on pointe. It sounds like Miss Rebecca is planning on choreographing something for the company. I'm excited and will have to dedicate a bit more to my technique work again.


And so the nitty, gritty. I am behind on my class assignments as usual. I am working on my web work. This is a good thing. I finally had a breakthrough with one programming problem and hopefully by the end of this four-day weekend, I will have the backend of another site completed. I do have another link or two to shore up on the Monroe website. It feels good to be moving forward on these projects.

For some reason, I picked up work on a novel. I'm not sure why. It just turned out that I wanted to. I've been writing on unused sheets of my day planner, which is pretty convenient since that day planner goes with me everywhere and I always have a lot of unused sheets to use. In fact, there are plenty of spares in the big binders and maybe I will use them as well. It makes me laugh when I get on a roll. I felt in an especially inspirational mood after seeing Twilight this weekend with Dahsn, Sarah, Alison, and Kelly. Ivan and I sat at opposite ends of the movie theatre (in the same row). He went with Thalia, Andrew J., and a few others. I concluded by this spacing that if Ivan and I went to junior high together, we would probably not hang out at all with the same people.

We have gone through long discussions about whether the movie or the book was better. Of course. Yet, both had their merits. The movie had great cinematography, Edwards dialogue sounded more like a teenagers and less like a creepy man trapped in a teenagers body (I try not to think about the fact that he's like 80 years old when I read the book. Frickin' cradle robber). I also liked some of the scenes that were combined in the movie because they were funny (think hospital scene). Yet the bedroom scene made more sense in the book. Either way Robert Pattinson was the perfect choice for Edward. He is a cutie!

Well... That is the update for the week. Hopefully, I'll have stories to tell after Thanksgiving!

Peace... RK

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