Thursday, December 04, 2008

Heading Toward the Finishing Lines with a Big 'S'


It's Thursday and I finally have a moment to breath. Actually, I had lots of time to breath in the days following Thanksgiving and I think I spent all that extra time actually breathing that I finally feel like I have a moment to breath. OK so none of that makes sense, but I find it scary when you have to schedule breathing time or thinking time or you don't even realize that you aren't breathing at all. It's the story of my life and I'm shocked that it seems to progress this way even when I swear I won't take on too much again.

Actually, I have been very good at saying 'No.' To myself, to others, and to events. I am closing in on fulfilling my obligations to others and then I will take care of family and then myself before I start ANYTHING else. In other words, I think I'm set for a year.

My biggest accomplishment in recent days is the completion of a short story called "Pseudo." I wrote it as part of my F2K class, and to my surprise it has received a lot of compliments. Even Ivan, who usually has lot of critiques or only one or two favorite parts of my work, really enjoyed the whole thing. The funniest thing: This story is about the most simplistic, uncomplicated piece I've ever written. I guess there's something to be said for the KISS method after all. Even more surprising is that I wrote the story and edited it in a day and a half, which is completely unheard of for me. The only thing I can guess is that all the breathing and days of reading Twilight and others in its series really inspired me.

My brain is mush now though, so it will probably require a few resting days now. We are coming into the last week and a half before the Winter Performance. We are almost finished with our semester as well. I am looking forward to the short break, as Jeremy Knutsen will come to teach Hip Hop workshops in early January. I have been invited to learn the teachers' choreography in case a teacher needs a substitute. Rumors were circulating the dance studio that I was quitting company. I had made a passing comment that I didn't know if my working schedule would allow me to continue with company and someone took it and ran. I laugh when people bring it up. "I'm sure there are people who might want me to leave company," I tell them. I'm sure there are, but I'm too stubborn to give into their wishes.

Auditions for the Spring show will be in January and there are three main leads in addition to what I will learn in Company. I think there are some other minor parts to audition for as well. My pointe work has gotten stronger as we figured out why I was struggling with my posture. I fell on my ass yesterday because I pushed myself to turn faster and for more rotations. It's the first time I've ever fallen on pointe and it shook me. I hope that I don't get all weirded out tonight when I have to turn again in pointe. Some days I just have off turning days.

On the happy end... me, Kadey, Jessica, Aminta, Danielle, and Ashley performed at the Salisbury Theatre for World Aids Day. Jessica choreographed Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" and we dressed up in bad 80s prom dresses, smeared our makeup, teased our hair, and went for broke. Jessica didn't have time to get her dress from the studio that day and show up in her wedding dress from her first marriage. It had a coffee stain down the front and all. It was surreal, but perfect for the dance. She plans to fray the ends so that it matches the mood of the piece even more.

Oh well, I'm off to try to refuel my brain before dance tonight. Write more later... PEACE... RK

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