Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Winter Showcase

DTF's Winter Showcase Production and new theatre ended up on the front page of the Fairbanks Daily News Miner yesterday (12/15/08). Here is a link to the article, which unfortunately doesn't feature the pictures. There was a stellar one of Cheyenne Torres in a back bend and the new theatre from up high. Maybe at some point I'll come across them again.

I'm excited about the show since so many of my roles are in small ensembles and up front. It has really tested my ability to learn choreography, actually it has given me no choice except to learn the choreography because there is no one else to follow. Next semester there are several opportunities for lead roles, roles that might actually fit my dance style and personality. There are also two company pieces, one that includes a nice white tutu! It will be my third tutu in a year!! Even though it is weird that one of my tutus will be worn for a hip hop number :)

Wow, I just compared this picture taken in the Spring during Thumbelina and the black and white taken just two weeks ago during dress rehearsal. I look like I've lost weight or toned up or something.

On Schedule with Destination: Sanity

My web projects are moving forward. More on time than I anticipated and I can feel the anxiety ease out of me a little bit. We're heading into three days of performances, but I think I should still be able to complete the data import section of the main project. There will be a lot of details to cover in the proceeding week and some clean up and wrap up before the first of the year. We have two holidays. One will be me cooking for Christmas and going to a movie with Ivan (our traditions are strange, but he and I have formed some doozies). In January I'll proabably recover a bit before tackling the next project in line. I want to take them down one by one. I have decided (after some long hard contemplating) that I really have only one goal for the coming year. It has nothing to do with money, dance, or writing. My one goal is: Learn how to say no.

This is important because really I'm already booked for the year. I have two websites on the rotation, a writing paying project, and lots and lots of house projects that need shored up. I have to say 'no' to anything new unless it is going to pay about $10,000 or more. That is something that is worth interrupting my life. My time is worth more to me than ever and people are going to have to start paying hardcore to use it. I know that people will warn that I won't get as many clients, but I am sure the quality of clients will make up for the quantity. Likewise, I have managed to finance all the smaller things I wanted now, which means I have to focus on the bigger picture. A new video camera, a new car, etc. There are a lot of little things that eat up my time with my family. That just does not work for me.

A Final Thought

The sun is bright today and the shadows from the person one room over constantly crosses my screen when he moves. It was a bright yellow that reminds me of late morning in March before things become white and hot. In just an hour, the temperature has mellowed to a peach/pink lemonade mixture capped off by a milky froth found in cappuccinos. If you look long ago it might even look like the fluff of whipped cream. The brown trees are frosted with the most recent snow. At night it all looks like one giant winter wonderland because the dark bark blends and it is even more cool when the passing cars kick up swirls of snow. In just five days, the progressing night will end its campaign against the light. Halt for three days and then retreat as the daylight campaigns for terrain. Trees are forever dark here, but the needles will appear more alive and the birch will have green leaves and the days will smell light instead of the sharpness of cold that stabs through my chest on the coldest days.

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