Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to My World

One for the Loners...

"Really, I'm a bit of a loner and not that good with dealing with loads of people," he smiles when I ask about his newfound celebrity. "Most of the time, I feel that going out is a complete waste of time. I'd rather stay in a create something rather than go out and talk."- Rob Pattinson in an interview with

If anything I feel like less of a freak for being of the performing mind and refusing to socialize all that damn much.

That Said...

Can Dance For Food '09

Holiday Showcase & Food Drive

For The Fairbanks Community Food Bank


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday December 17,18 &19 7:00 PM

The entrance fee is a couple cans of food and $5. The show is about an hour long and features all styles of dance. The picture above was taken at last weekend's dress rehearsal. I'm wearing the tutu and a bunch of other silver stuff for Ice, Ice Baby. I'm also in a 50s-style Christmas dance, a cute balletic Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, a Celtic Christmas (ballet), and a very cool African-lyrical tribute to the sun. Come if you can!!

Life Preserver Necessary and you Must be Yea Big for this Ride...

I am talking about all the stuff I'm still wrapping up. Besides the show and Christmas, I hopefully will be finished with my last two major projects for the year. I've decided next year that I will only work on the project that I committed to earlier this year, but no more. I want to dedicate my time to my performance skills (i.e. Dancing and Singing) and a little bit of writing. I've already started saying 'no' to things even if people express disappointment. I can't do it all, nor do I want to anymore. After all these years I realize that I really have nothing to prove, or I can accept that I proved what I needed to years and years ago. I'm ready to move on.

I've been working on these big projects day in and day out and I can tell that it is taking a toll on my brain. It is a lot of detail database work and the tediousness is what kills me every time. I think it is a sign that web design, while fun, is not for me after all. At least nothing more than creating a basic design and posting a few things here or there. Someone once told me to quit doing things when they cease to be fun. Well, they are no longer fun anymore. It still means I have to finish what I started, and not to start anymore.

Well, I'm off. Besides that show, there is little else to report. Peace... RK

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