Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second Place

One Very Happy First Friday...

I thought I had a chance at one of the awards, and I knew if any one of my artworks would win, it would be this one. Besides the color, it is the one with the most work put into it. Every piano key, every person on the dance floor, every spot on the disco ball was drawn own using Photoshop. At first I almost didn't notice that I had won, but I was checking the labels to see if they had the information correct and that is when I noticed that it was the Second Place winner.

Ivan, who attended First Friday with me, took this picture and was probably just as excited that I had won. They had an official presentation ceremony and I went though my usual "shy" moment when I don't want to walk up and receive recognition, especially while people are applauding (that is really hard for me). But Ivan practically shoved me out into the center of the gallery, and so I really had no choice. I am very satisfied with how I placed because the First Place winner was frickin' amazing! It was a knight with fire blasting out of his chest. I was a totally realistic 3-D depiction with nice color and composition. The fact that I got Second is a testament that work hard succeeds.

16 More Weeks Starts Today...

The dance holiday is over (but considering we rehearsed, performed, and had workshops does that make it a holiday?). We are back in the studio today for our regular classes. I have reduced my schedule somewhat until I manage to finish a few projects. This means I will no longer take class on Tuesday. This was possible once Tap got moved to Thursday. Once I get my projects wrapped up, I will probably resume Tuesdays again. It's an incentive.

Auditions for our upcoming show When the Northern Lights Come Out to Play are this Saturday. The show dates are:

Friday, May 29th at 7PM
Saturday, May 30th at 2PM & 7PM
Sunday, May 31st at 2PM

We are performing at the Alaska Centennial Center Theatre in Pioneer Park (Alaskaland's Birthday Cake building).

Tentatively, we are supposed to perform Rebbecca Smith's Alaska as well, but this is all dependent on the number of male dancers we have available.

Well, I am off. I continue work on Rebbeca 2.1 at a 500 word per day pace. Some days motivation is difficult, but it is always worth while. I'll write more later... PEACE... RK

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