Friday, February 06, 2009

New Toy

Touchy Feeley

I got a new i-phone last weekend and have been totally playing with it since. I have always been fascinated with touch screens (even though I don't own a full-sized one yet). It has been interesting and challenging learning how to text and email without the tactile solidarity of a keypad. I don't know how many new words I've made up swiping across the wrong letter. Still I'm totally fascinated with the technology. I haven't yet loaded it with all the cool apps that are out there, nor is my i-tunes maxed out. All my music still lives on my Zune and I haven't had too much extra time sorting through all the million applications on the i-store. Every once in a while I miss my tiny Sony Erickson (especially when trying to take a picture!) But I am getting totally addicted to reading web articles on the i-phones. Most of the pages I visit are formatted for mobile devices and so they break the articles into tiny bits that are perfect for my self-diagnosed ADD.

Alright there isn't too much to update. I've been spending a lot of time working on websites and writing press releases for Adam Black's new webcomic Locus. Next week I am serving on the
bed tax regranting panel in addition to regular dance class. Busy week.

A Novel Run with the Novel

Perhaps the best part is that I have reached the halfway point with my novel (actually I pitched one percent over it today). I never thought 500 words a day would add up so fast. I'm intrigued by all the twists and turns it has taken and how characters I made up on a whim or for other stories weaved their way into some of the most unexpected places. In some sense I made the outline, but found out that I haven't exactly followed it. There are days where I am tempted to peak at what I had planned, but know that I'll just get frustrated trying to fit my original plans into the storyline as it is now. So I just make stuff up. For once I feel like a writer.

Once the websites are done, I plan to tackle all those stacks of writing books and submissions that I keep saying I'll get to. I'm tired of the 'Someday' syndrome. But for now it's time for bed. Tomorrow is spent with the little dance kiddies and working on MORE web work and MORE laundry. Maybe I'll just go nuts by the end of the weekend.

Love you all! RK

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