Thursday, March 05, 2009

1st Place Winner

Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind.-Samuel Johnson

From i-phones to I-Robot

After a week of hard work Ivan completed his science fair project on Artificial Intelligence. He built and programmed a miniature robot to sort colored balls using his Lego NXTs; accompanied, of course, by a report explaining it all. He worked on the entire project full force for seven days and was completely exhausted by Sunday morning, which is probably why we could do nothing more than watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on TV. It is the type of thing that makes a parent cringe when you think about all the things that could have been accomplished in the day. I'm told it's best just not to think about it all.

Yesterday, they presented their projects at school and answered questions for a small panel of judges. We didn't know Ivan won first place until late in the evening when my dad told us. Ivan had already called us by then and seen us for at least 15 minutes. Somehow he just assumed we would figure out that he had won; I guess by osmosis, or maybe via my usual spies. Unfortunately, I hadn't seen any of them that evening, so I was clueless as to what went on in school that day. We are, of course very proud of Ivan's first place win. He worked really hard on this project. We are not sure yet, if it will go to the District Science fair. I'm sure we probably won't know until after spring break.

Valdez Unanswered

If Global Warming is a true fact and not a historical trend, then it has finally showed it's face in Fairbanks. After several weeks with -40 to -50 degree weather, today it is snowing like crazy. Snowing like Valdez. I almost got stuck getting out of my drive this morning and this afternoon at lunch. Phil is cleaning the driveway now so that I don't get stuck for sure. It is unusual for Fairbanks to get a lot of snow because we live in a desert climate with little moisture. My dad is visiting from Valdez, so I can blame him for bringing the snow. I wish I had a ski pass. I would love to snowboard in this!

Not too much. I just wanted to give Kudos to Ivan!


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