Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hit Like Monkeys on Fried Cheese

Homo Novus

With Sam back in the picture we are back to the monkey themes. Sam kicks monkeys, punts monkeys, throws monkeys; even the flying monkeys. But Jonnie, man, he hits monkeys like fried cheese! And after staying up night after night watching The last frackin' episode of Battlestar Galactica (I am still pissed about Starbuck just vanishing! Are you frackin' joking?!!!) with Sam and Ivan; and then staying up to edit video while Jonnie and Ivan watched The Last Boy Scout I am totally beat.

Ivan attended the award ceremony for the Statewide Poetry Contest where he won first in the Elementary/Middle School Division. He received a copy of the publication featuring the winning entries and an $50 award, plus reading his video to an audience (see video).

Monkeys On Adventures

"You've played way too many games to be hit by such a simple move." Ivan about Jonnie playing Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

Yesterday, after our quick stop at the award ceremony, we headed out to David's for another round of DND. We were late so it was a little disorientating, but it was fun. Andrew joined us after being in Italy during Spring Break. We are wondering about a big labyrinth looking for 23 halflings stolen by guys who have Shaquelle O'Neil's bootsize. We joked that Dwight Howard helped because he needs to make them into balls for slam dunk competitions. You know me and the NBA. It's got to get in there somewhere.

Lots of funny things happen while we are there the classic (besides monkeys on fried cheese) is Jonnie's slow motion imitations going on all night long (see video).

"He eats his lunch from 12:27 to 12:30 and chews the rest of the day. That's why algebra is never quiet."--Ivan about Jonnie.

Alright. I'm gone. I'll write more later... PEACE... RK

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